Bernard Hickey can’t use the internet

I find this completely unacceptable in today’s society. Being able to watch a simple Youtube video as part of your work or life is essential.

The sooner we stop having to worry about data usage (within reason) the better.

Published by Lance Wiggs


4 replies on “Bernard Hickey can’t use the internet”

  1. You may have noted that earlier in that post on is the line:
    “I’m sitting in the Dunedin Art Gallery preparing for a presentation”

    Is your post title aimed at the fact that Bernard is unable to find a fast and reliable connection in a public place? Or that he’s not technically capable enough of using the internet properly?


  2. I get the point. We need pacific fibre. So what is stopping you from putting the cable in the ocean? In other words, how is the project looking?


  3. Hey, some of us only have access to horrible net when at home. :< I don't get to watch The Daily Show extra clips online unless I wait for the no download limit time between 2 and 7 am.


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