What else is important to the NZ Government?

Having had our fun with Antarctica, let’s look at some other areas of concern. How often do the Briefings to Ministers mention certain other words?

Let’s start with “internet”.

I would content that the internet is an important feature for Commerce, Economic Development, Tourism and Small Business, so it’s a surprise that it isn’t covered at all.

On to “Maori”, critical to be involved across all aspects of policy making.

Consumer Affairs and Small Business make no mention of Maori. That’s very strange. Good to see the coverage elsewhere though.

Somewhere that almost all of us go to is “Trade Me”, so what is the government position on this dominant eCommerce force?

Nobody cares about Trade Me it seems, and the notable absence is Consumer Affairs.

Nor do they care about Facebook, where our teens and adults are spending their time online:

Surely the “economy” will deliver the results? Who wouldn’t be concerned with that?

Consumer Affairs agan. They didn’t talk about Maori, the economy, internet, Trade Me or Facebook, let alone Antarctica. It must be a shocker of a paper.

Indeed it is. The paper, as it turns out, is a scan of a paper rather than a genuine PDF, which I should have noted when every other file was under 600k, and this one was 4.3MB.  I would encourage the folks there to turn it into a proper searchable PDF, because on reading it there seems to be an excellent paper. I would like, for example, to copy and paste “New Zealand currently ranks third for ease of doing business in the World Bank’s Doping Business Survey” instead of retyping. The next paragraph says that we cannot stand still, and the one after that talks about firms being more productive when they have lower compliance costs. It’s all gold, and deserves a wider audience.

Published by Lance Wiggs