Novopay is Not Found

Not Found, originally uploaded by LanceWiggs.

A real basic failure from Novopay that is symptomatic of the much greater issues.

Even now, months after launch, the site does not resolve unless you type the full

I have not typed www for over 13 years, and neither should anyone else have to.

Examining the site itself is beyond me for now. The word is denial.

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5 replies on “Novopay is Not Found”

      1. But isn’t those technical challenges that would make the zero software so very useful.
        Email issues instead of a long wait on hold.
        Yes there would need to be a small layer of staff to do the inbetween work between xero, the schools and the govt but it would not be that great of a deal. The big issue currently is the software that Novopay is using isn’t working and no matter how many extra support people that add to the help line it won’t fix the software. The minister yesterday say it will take around two years for Novopay to become a stable bit of software (just in time of there new contract?)
        I think xero could have a new system up by xmas for the govt.

        Xero seems to be quiet on this, either they don’t want to talk on a political issue or they are in quiet talks about coming up with a solution. Not that I can see National being that creative at problem solving and using New Zealand IT services.


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