Punakaiki Fund announces IPO, lodges document with FMA

Today’s press release.

The Offer Documents are avaialble on the Punakaiki Fund website. They are lodged with the FMA and now visible on the Punakaiki Fund document page on the companies office website. 

Chris and I are going to be touring the country over the next few weeks – so look out for us. If you’d like me to speak to a group then please get in touch. I can talk about the fund, or about starting and growing businesses in general. 

Punakaiki Fund announces IPO to invest in emerging New Zealand technology companies

New company offers public access to early-stage private company investment

Auckland, 22nd August 2013 – Punakaiki Fund today registered its combined investment statement and prospectus (the “Offer Document”) for an initial public offering of ordinary shares, seeking to raise $20 million, with the ability to accept oversubscriptions of up to an additional $30 million, to invest in New Zealand’s vibrant internet and technology sectors.

The Offer Document can be downloaded at www.punakaikifund.co.nz

Punakaiki Fund intends to invest in early stage and emerging New Zealand internet, technology and design-led growth businesses, generally well before they reach the public markets.  The minimum investment for the offer is $2,000, making an investment in Punakaiki Fund accessible to a wide range of New Zealanders.

Lance Wiggs Capital Management (“LWCM”) will manage Punakaiki Fund’s investments.  Principals of LWCM, Lance Wiggs and Chris Humphreys, bring extensive experience of founding, investing and advising emerging technology, internet and design-based companies.

“We want Punakaiki Fund to be the investor of choice for founders of the next generation of innovation-led New Zealand companies,” says Lance Wiggs, a director of Punakaiki Fund, an early advisor to Trade Me and an investor in Vend. “We see ourselves as part of the start-up and growth stage business community, and we intend to work collaboratively with founders before, during and after investments. We expect to offer very fair and simple investment terms, and, like the greatest investors, are committed to investing for the long term and so are not looking for premature conversations about exit strategies.”

Punakaiki Fund has already received strong interest, with over 450 members of the public expressing an interest in investing over $7.7 million through the pre-registration website.

“We are confident in the number and quality of privately-held high growth companies in New Zealand. We also see that any well-diversified portfolio should have a mix of asset classes, and believe that Punakaiki Fund is essentially alone in this space for public investors,” said Lance Wiggs. “This is unashamedly a high risk, long term capital return investment category, and we are not offering short term dividend streams. We will aim to focus on investing where we can help founders and management teams steadily build toward the billion dollar businesses that the late Sir Paul Callaghan rightly identified that New Zealand needs.”

“The economic potential for New Zealand from innovation-based growth is exciting, and Punakaiki Fund aims to help accelerate that growth, and help write a new generation of business success stories”, says Wayne Hudson, one of Punakaiki Fund’s two independent directors.

Sandy Maier, also an independent director says, “Lance Wiggs and Chris Humphreys bring strong financial and business qualifications and experience, but, unusually, also have hands-on experience with early stage companies. Lance has been very actively involved as a founder, advisor and investor in the target internet, technology and design-led sectors, and his networks will drive Punakaiki Fund’s early investments.”

Punakaiki Fund has not sought assistance from the Government-backed Venture Investment Fund (NZVIF), with Wiggs adding, “We’ve therefore given ourselves the ability to operate far more effectively and simply, and see this as a strong competitive advantage when it comes to investing in what we think are the best companies.”

The offer will open for applications on the 30th August, or later if FMA extends the “consideration period”, and close on 2nd October. Investors must receive a copy of the Offer Document before subscribing under the offer.  After completion of the offer, Punakaiki Fund is not listing on the NZX, but will instead offer a share trading facility through Link Market Services. The directors note that there is no guarantee that a liquid market will be created through this facility. Potential investors are advised to read the Offer Document carefully before making any investment decision and to consult an authorised financial adviser for investment advice.  None of the persons named (nor any other person) guarantees the offer or the shares.

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