A website with Attitude

Today saw the launch of AttitudeLive – a highly professional website by and for people living with disabilities. It’s the brainchild of Robyn Scott-Vincent, who with her team from Attitude TV have already transformed the way media portrays the sector.

Attitude TV and AttitudeLive bring the premise that they should be telling stories “for and about the disability community”. There are over 1,000 stories to see on the site, sourced from the AttitudeTV shows over the last few years.

AttitudeLive has global aspirations, and is addressing what they see as a large gap in a huge market. I’ve been a little involved in the process of putting this together (on a pro bono basis) and am watching with interest.

One thing the team has done very well is to work hard on accessibility, going well beyond the standard requirements to deliver something that works in practice, and is also up to date with the look and feel. That’s no mean trick. I’m sure they will have teething problems, but do consider checking them out next time you are considering design for all.

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  1. Thanks for writing this Lance, we’re pretty proud of it. Attitude Pictures have put out over a 1000 stories since their show began 9 years ago and yesterday we went live with our favourite 100. Now that we’ve got the platform, we’ll be putting up new stories every week and digging into the archive to put more up each month.


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