The comics of climate change


XKCD elegantly sums up what we are facing:



We really don’t know what that question mark will be, but it’s going to be scary. It won’t be this scary:

But it’s pretty clear that the implications for global warming are very serious for humans – and other land mammals. It’s interesting to look at the chart below and think about the amount of emissions that cattle are responsible for. Do we really want to reduce cattle emissions by reducing the number of animals? Would sheep, goats and elephants be next?





However only a tiny percentage of the change in global warming is going into the atmosphere and land. It’s all about the ocean, which is absorbing getting warmer and absorbing more CO2 as a result. But the CO2 absorbed creates a more acidic environment  – so with warmer and more acidic fluid we can expect far more dramatic changes in sea life.



So what to do. We can wait and see:

Or we can choose to not understand all that complicated science stuff (it’s actually pretty easy):



Or we can protect our selfish interests by forcing others to avoid the facts:



But the best solution by far is to take action, lots of action, and to do it in a way that creates a better society and improves our economy. This is something where each country  really wants to be first, so that their industries can transform faster and then lead the rest of the world.


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