Thanks for no insurance Air NZ (really)

It’s excellent to see that Air NZ has removed the default opt-in for travel insurance with their website sell process.  They have replaced the opt-in with the big orange button below.

I’ve tested the process and there is no need to deselect the insurance. The amount of space dedicated to the selling of insurance seems a bit over the top, I guess because internal fighting meant trying as hard as they can to retain the revenue. The issue is that this will introduce/retain more pain to the sales process and thus reduce overall flight sales. Experienced travellers will learn to ignore it.

Two previous posts referring to this insurance.

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2 replies on “Thanks for no insurance Air NZ (really)”

  1. I generally do buy the insurance for overseas travel. maybe i could get it better / cheaper elsewhere….but the convenience is hard to beat.


  2. Great to see that they have done this (and thanks for the update, Lance), although at the end of the article you seem to imply that experienced travellers should not take out travel insurance. If that’s your personal preference, that’s fine, but I think all travellers should at least consider travel insurance, and for overseas travel (including Australia) it’s really essential. Therefore, I think the space Air NZ dedicate to selling insurance is probably about right to fulfil their duty of care.


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