10 Reasons for Hope in a Trump-led USA

It’s hard to see much hope for the world now, but let’s look for some brightness in the despair of the prospect of a Trump presidency.

10: The entertainment will not stop – especially when Trump gets his Twitter account back.

9: Trump clearly doesn’t like hard work, so don’t expect him to drive through major changes in legislation that require that.

8: The Republicans in the House and Senate have huge differences of opinions with Trump – so expect some issues will never be resolved.

7: At heart Trump is really a liberal on many social issues, so if he has a conscience don’t expect too much action on LGBT rights or abortion. Sadly he doesn’t seem to have a conscience.

6: It’s going to be a lot cheaper to travel to and buy things from the USA, just like the UK at the moment.

5: The US economy is vast, irrepressible and resilient – it can and will keep steaming ahead, despite what happens in Washington. Wait for the stock markets to drop 40% then invest. Or maybe 60%.

4:  Gun sales will fall, as they only rise with Democratic presidents, especially black ones.

3: Expect an abundance of news about the clueless and constantly churning staff working for and placed by Trump.

2: Fox News and their ilk will have nobody else to blame for their manufactured woes.

1: New Zealand tourism will boom – although we may have to enforce immigration law for US visitors.


Published by Lance Wiggs


2 replies on “10 Reasons for Hope in a Trump-led USA”

  1. No longer a prospect, it’s a reality so perhaps you could define some key features at the end of year 1 of Trump?
    What’s incredible is the absolute failure of the scientific polls all the way from Trump winning the delegate race and then thrashing Clinton machine against all odds so manifesly. Even President Obama was swallowing dead rats without the teleprompters. Now Italy, France and Netherlands will decide on the future of the EC, with Germans ready to stop Merkel’s madness. Too late for her to now say she made “mistakes” re immigration.


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