Punakaiki Fund Extending 2016 Offer

Punakaiki Fund Limited is raising capital through a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

You can apply for shares Online with Punakaiki Fund, via Snowball Effect or by filling out and sending in the application form on the PDS.


We have kept relatively quiet at Punakaiki Fund while everyone has coped with the US election result and then the huge earthquake and aftershocks. It didn’t help that Ireland toppled the All Blacks – although that at least was well deserved.

Our offer was meant to close today Wednesday 30th November, but due to the events above we have just extended this to 20th December, 2016.

We will issuing shares soon to those who have invested already, and will be sharing news on any new investment commitments we make.

We currently have $1.44 million in applications, with $640,000 of that via  Snowball Effect and the remainder directly with Punakaiki Fund.

Anyone in New Zealand can invest. Australian wholesale investors can use the Australian Investment Memorandum aimed at them. Investors based elsewhere should get in touch directly.


Update about the earthquake

We have investments with several companies which have offices in Wellington and Christchurch, or with staff in those areas. All staff are safe. Some families were temporarily evacuated from low-lying areas during the tsunami threat, and several were unable to access their Wellington offices for a day or two.

The good news was that almost all of the Wellington based companies had prioritised offices with high earthquake ratings, and several had recently moved for that reason. The other company was about to move offices anyway. For us this was more evidence of why we like to invest with good people with strong values.

Meanwhile most companies were able to keep working – as remote working is now a part of doing business. The Christchurch, and Wellington, earthquakes over the last few years have nudged New Zealand based companies to be very proactive on handling things after a disaster and that preparation was evident.

I’ve visited both Wellington (twice) and Christchurch since the quakes. Christchurch seems largely unaffected, while Wellington’s infrastructure has certainly suffered and there are some frayed nerves. However life goes on, and it was good to see evidence in Wellington of the staunch just-get-on-with-it attitude that has served Christchurch so well.

Our continued best wishes to everyone in Wellington, Christchurch, Kaikoura and places in between.

Revenue Growth Continues

Almost all of the investments (i.e. the underlying businesses) are unaffected – with revenues mainly from offshore or with clients able to cope. One company, NZ Artesian Water, saw sales go up sharply, as they supplied increased demand from supermarkets in the South Island and even farmers in the Kaikoura region.  Others have continued to land important deals, with Melon Health in particular securing some strong clients.

Invest in Punakaiki Fund

Now that the dust has settled, the All Blacks and Black Caps are winning matches and the weather has improved it’s perhaps time to consider investing in the future of NZ – our high growth ecosystem. Please have a look at the PDS, and do consider joining the over 500 others who have already invested in this and previous rounds.

You can apply for shares Online with Punakaiki Fund, via Snowball Effect or by filling out and sending in the application form on the PDS.


Published by Lance Wiggs