Two new and free initiatives to help cope with COVID19

Two companies have stepped up to offer direct help to individuals and companies.

Melon Health, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, have launched an online community with psychosocial support tools and resources specific to Covid-19. This is intended to support people when socially isolated and experiencing anxiety related to lack of certainty and control, and is, obviously, based on Melon Health’s successful clinically proven platform. Anyone can access the program directly, and may be referred there by their medical professionals as well.

RedSeed has launched a training platform aimed at helping people manage stress and anxiety. The course is presented by Clinical Psychologist Graeme Clarke, who did a lot of work after the earthquakes in Christchurch. RedSeed are experts at how to use training to change behaviours, and they have already provided a free Retail and COVID-19 course to their retail clients.

Punakaiki Fund is an investor in each of these companies. We are delighted that RedSeed and Melon Health have launched these free and complementary services. Well done to founder-CEOs Siobhan Bulfin from Melon Health, and Anya Anderson from RedSeed, and to their teams.

Published by Lance Wiggs