Starter notes for #NetHui – Business Ecosystem Session

I’m at NetHui at the moment, and about to facilitate a session on business ecosystem in NZ. In the interests of speeding the introduction here are the starter notes and questions. Session description New Zealand’s start-up ecosystem continues to develop. In the last year we saw some exits, good funding rounds with local and overseas […]

NetHui 2011 – my top 10 takeaways

Here’s my take on the top 10 things I learned from the excellent last three days at NetHui. Your take may be quite different, so please comment. 1: There is general alignment on the important issues While the participants at NetHui from diverse backgrounds, and had diverse agendas, the basic and strong alignment was compelling. […]

Starter notes for NetHui Session on Media and Innovation

I’m facilitating a discussion at NetHui today on Media and Innovation. Here’s the blurb: Content is king but someone has to pay for it. In the days of media convergence traditional content distribution is challenged. Copyright law has stepped in to protect these legacy distribution models but is this an enduring solution what alternative models […]