Tim Finn

Saw Tim Finn in concert on Monday night. It turns out that it was the first concert of his tour. The band wasn’t totally tight, but it was close, and the musicians were honest, Tim relaxed, the venue intimate and music sublime. I was pleasantly surprised at his range of hits, and the concert was the perfect mix (for me) of Enz, Crowded House, known Tim Finn and new Tim Finn songs.

When we walked in we felt we lowered the verage age. Substantially. Or perhaps we are really that old. Tim’s shout out to his MySpace friends was met with quizical looks, but his Split Enz songs were met with rapturous rattling of the jewelery.

Go see the show if you can… Te Awamutu should be a blast, and he is also headed to various places in Australia

Published by Lance Wiggs