NZ Scandal. why ‘whatever’ is great news

Scandal in NZ as a tell-all book is published about Don Brash, leader of the opposition.

It’s interesting to observe the reaction here versus similar tell-all books in the USA. I would classify this as a ‘whatever’ scandal in the USA.

Brash resigned. This seldom happens in the US unless pageboys or other Republican sex is involved. While horrific remarks supporting segregationist presidential candidate Strom Thurgood 2 years back cost Trent Lott his Senate Majority Speaker job, he remained in the Senate and was just elected by his peers to the number 2 Whip role.

The newspapers gave extensive and prominent coverage (I don’t watch TV news, but assume they did as well.) This rarely happens in the US unless the scandal is particularly juicy (i.e. sex is involved), and left wing.

The NZ scandals are not that bad really – some election shenanigans mainly, but we are an honest lot here – not for nothing we kept our traditional top three place in the least corrupt nations list this year. US-style pork barrel politics would result in jail terms for those involved, if it were to exist here.

Brash fell into the Al Gore and John Kerry trap – he actually listened to his election consultants, rather than speaking his own, rather more engaging and common sense mind. He isn’t a GW Bush with no appropriate background – Brash was our best ever Reserve Bank Governer, and a potential white knight. But he happens to be clueless about politics and listened to the wrong people. A shame. It seems that he didn’t believe the racist claptrap or right wing Brethren nonsense, which precluded me from voting for him.

Published by Lance Wiggs