Virgin America

What a great product – Virgin America promises to shake up the US airline industry. It’s a shame the forces are conspiring against them – in spite of compliance with the law the department of Transportation just knocked back VA’s application. Enter VA’s grass roots campaign, along with a substantial restructuring in the ownership of the company.

It just shows how Byzantine and antediluvian the national ownership laws are for airlines – and how the supposedly free market oriented USA is once again being overly protective of its appalling internal airlines.

Wouldn’t we rather have Virgin America than the hopelessly beleaguered United, Delta, NorthWestern, American, US Airways (who just took 6.5 hours to get a friend from NYC to DC, a one hour flight) and Continental? The legacy airlines should be allowed to fail, and the new wave of efficient and profitable airlines (including Jet Blue and Southwest) allowed to take over.

Published by Lance Wiggs


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