Want to write? Get a $1345 Webstock package

AllAboutTheStory.com is offering a full journalism scholarship to the biggest and best web event in New Zealand – Webstock. Webstock’s cool – and has a host of awesome and famous foreign and local speakers. In their own words: Webstock 2011 will be the mostest bestest scientifically proven amazingest conference ever. In the history of the […]

YouTube Instant

Yet another classic Stanford undergraduate story. Google releases Google Instant, and so Feross Aboukhadijeh creates YouTube instant. Try it. Very shortly afterward Feross received a tweet from YouTube CEO Chad Hurley offering him a job. That’s smart – other students have stuck it out and formed companies – like Google itself. More on Venturebeat To […]

Let’s have one industry awards not two

So I’m disappointed with the “2009 New Zealand Internet Industry Awards”, given the poor wording of the entrepreneur of the year award. It’s a new annual award organisation and created by the Liz Dengate Thrush Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is: … to award funding grants for use in practical educational advancement of individuals […]

A great experience – at Experience BMW

Occasionally I get great customer service experiences – and so it is each time with Experience BMW in Auckland. At BMW stores there is no hard pressure to buy – the stores let the bikes sell themselves, and like Apple I seem to have a addiction weakness for their products. Both compamies make it easy. […]

How consumers shop – some lessons

After a laughably dumb registration process (use fake data) you’ll find the  ChannelAdvisor report on How Consumers Shop Online. Let’s start with a caveat – the sample size is 824 people from 29 states in the USA, but there is no information on how this sample was selected. We should probably therefore assume that the […]

The NBR is in trouble – what should they do?

I’ve been really impressed with the NBR in recent times – their website was going from strength to strength, and their writing was increasingly excellent. I even praised writer Chis Keall, who writes for (but I understand is not employed by Chris tells me he is, in fact, employed by NBR – my apologies) the […]

Making sure you make money from your business

These are notes from a whiteboard session that I led at BarCamp on Saturday. There were plenty of people in the room for the end of day session, and we had an excellent discussion. We were trying to answer the question of how to make sure to make money from your business, and so we […]

Plenty of opportunity with Telecom’s XT bills

With iPhone pricing comparisons all the rage right now, I decided to have a first look at my Telecom XT Bill. I knew this would be entertaining, but despite everything below there is a minor victory, in that I have actually managed to do view the bill online. This is big win versus Telstra and […]

Radio NZ interview – How to survive and prosper this recession

I’m just back from an entertaining interview with Kathryn Ryan on the Nine to Noon program. You can listen to it at Radio NZ: How Businesses Can Survive The Recession (and more) Links to some things we talked about: Social Innovation Camp NZ SICampNZ site Great article by Idealog Electricity microgeneration Refit educating New Zealanders […]