Air New Zealand looks at bulk discounts

Back in January I drafted* a lengthy post on what Air New Zealand could do better, and part of that was on regional airfares. I sampled five regional, seven domestic, two trans-Tasman and two international fares for travel in a month’s time. The results were startling, though not surprising: It’s twice the cost per kilometre […]

Never surrender Air New Zealand

Yes – I know the trans Tasman fares are pretty low, making it hard to compete. Yes I know that code sharing gives more flights. But I also know that Pacific Blue is not Air New Zealand, and when I want to fly on Pacific Blue I book Pacific Blue. I also know that merging […]

Wotif launches Wotflight – let’s test it out

Wotif have launched a new site – Wotflight. It only applies only to Australian flights for now, but it is certainly worth a look. I like the simple approach, and there are some nice user interface elements. Looks great doesn’t it? Clearly there has been a good designer involved. I went ahead and tried to […]

Puffin signals doom for jetpack

NASA seem to have cracked the three crucial problems with jetpacks with their Puffin personal flying machine. The kiwi jetpack is obnoxiously loud, and it, well it doesn’t really fly. It’s also only suitable for smaller folk. The Puffin approach puts the pilot between two stubby wings, is powered by quiet electrical fans and will […]

Enrolling in Budget’s Fastbreak is Easy!

Actually – No – it is not. Making people print out a PDF and mail it back to you to register is no longer acceptable. It has not been acceptable for years. Avis does a bit better, as does Hertz. However although it appears online sign-up to their programs is possible, they each have intimidatingly […]

Air New Zealand is the best – here are some reasons

A selection of reasons why Air New Zealand won the Airline of the Year in the Air Transport World magazine awards. Most of these refer to posts made here over the past three years, and the overarching reason is simply that Air New Zealand is a very well run business. They have kept their fares […]

The 31 reasons that inflight wifi is not making money

From the WSJ we hear that sales for inflight wifi have been disappointing. It seems that when you give it away the usage is pretty high, but things change when there is a price: “.. in tests and now in regular service, usage drops off considerably when travelers must pay for the service. Alaska Airlines […]