Synergy is now Fronde

I understand the need for Synergy to change their name – Synergy is a pretty generic word and in use by companies is pretty much every other country. Fronde is a French word meaning Sling, and the revolutionaries that are described using the word were, how do I put this, strongly anti-government….

Here’s a nice quote from the Wiki link above:

” The term frondeur was later used to refer to anyone who suggested that the power of the king should be limited, and has now passed into normal French usage to refer to anyone who will show insubordination or engage in criticism of the powers in place.”

It’s nice to shake the status quo, but let’s hope that Synergy/Fronde is referring to their competitors rather than their public sector customers….

Another quote from the One True Wiki:

“Thenceforward the Fronde becomes a story of sordid intrigues and half-hearted warfare, losing all trace of its first constitutional phase.”

It also seems that one Frondeurs army was defeated when it’s enemy noticed that the army was in a state of disarray as 2 factions jostled over who was senior to who and who should stand where.

Let’s hope this isn’t the path that Synergy/Fronde follows..

Published by Lance Wiggs