Mobile Broadband Pricing Still Stupid

Since the 23rd of Jan I have used a paltry 1.48 Gb on my home account. (well I was away for a bit)

That would cost, in Telecom’s mobile Broadband calculator, about $650 on the ‘Mobile Broadband 400 plan’ (that’s the cheap plan – the casual plan would cost me $12,000).

That’s $600 for 8 days, and I was away for 3 of them, so it is really $600 for 5 days, or $120 per day, or $3,600 per month.

Oh – and if I am outside NZ, as I was for a day and a bit, it would cost me $8,000 per Gigabyte. Bargain.

However looking at the Telecom list of plans, I see there is a plan, hidden at the bottom, that is not included in the calculator – ‘Mobile Broadband 1GB+’. That plan costs just $60 per month, and the next GB is only $10! Sadly after that the following GB’s are $500 each. But still – why isn’t this data plan being pushed all over the Telecom website? It really is buried in there…

(What is strange about this plan is that it is actually cheaper than the 400 MB plan, so I hope (ahem) that all people on that plan have been automatically upgraded….)

To find out what is going on, check out the Vodaphone plans. Not only are they simpler to understand, but Vodaphone seem to have lowered their fees a lot. That 1.48 GB would cost me, on the ‘Broadband Everyday’ plan, $60 for the first GB, and an extra $10 gets you that second GB. It is $500 per GB after that.

Sound familiar? yup – Telecom’s hidden 1GB plan is a direct response to Vodaphone’s plan. It’s great to see some competition, but how about some publicity Telecom?

Meanwhile Vodaphone will also steal from you if you happen to use broadband overseas – charging $10,000 per GB in Australia and any other country with a Vodaphone (or Vodacom). However connect to the wrong carrier, or be stuck in the USA (big place, kind of important) then you’ll be up for $30,000 per GB.

So a word, if I may, to Telecom and Vodaphone:

Hi guys.

It is good to see you have moved a bit on the domestic data pricing – I’d almost consider it now. However the international roaming prices are stupidity defined. Your target market for this stuff is the mobile professional, and you can bloody well assume that they travel internationally as well as domestically.



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  1. The $49/GB plan is the most important thing you have to sign up for.

    However, as you found out, data roaming is a complete ripoff. At $30/MB ($10 on Vodafone own networks) it’s an absurd amount of money. You are always better off looking for a WiFi Hotspot service (Telstra, T-Mobile or others) or simply using the hotel’s $30/day broadband service.

    Unless of course you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, such as the ones used by Vodafone when they advertise the wonders of data roaming…


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