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Quotes from the ACMA business model report

A few choice quotes from the Australia Communications and Media Authority’s “Report 4— Changing business models in the Australian communication and media sectors: Challenges and response strategies” It’s worth reading the report – at least for your industry. “At June … Continue reading

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Well done Telecom, you made it easy

Telecom’s store also has the mock phones. But they have a nice low use prepay data plan, a friendly guy giving tips on how to cut a mini sim and no form in sight. Nik gave his name and address, … Continue reading

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Just let me try and buy Vodafone

Three different things getting in the way of customers buying at the local Vodafone store. The first is the wall of unusable phones. The mock phones let you check the look of the case, but they don’t let you experience … Continue reading

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iPhone prices – a failed experiment

NZ iPhone plan comparison It’s sad – but this great idea – a collaborative iPhone pricing spreadsheet for New Zealand – has completely failed. It’s a mess, there are people deleting things and Telco or device religion rather than science … Continue reading

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How NOT to Twitter if you are a corporation

A little while back I praised Vodafone New Zealand for their excellent Twittering, inside an article on How to Twitter if you are a Corporation. They reached out to customers, solved problems, gently nudged opinion their way and generally were … Continue reading

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The XT network debable – Winners and Losers

I was pretty angry at Telecom yesterday when I wrote Pay the $900,000 Telecom you cheap sods, but a day later it seems that they will do so. Good. Now that the debacle is over, let’s check the winners and … Continue reading

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Spend the $900,000 Telecom – you cheap sods

Sigh. And there I was praising Telecom the other day – praise it seems that was all too soon. I am concerned that recent behavior is indicating that Telecom is back to its old monopolist ways. I write of course … Continue reading

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