telecom strategy

Some interesting things to glean from Telecom’s consumer strategy document, and the wholesale technology document – presented at an analyst day today. Read it – there is a lot there. (Juha found these)
Firstly – it is actually not that bad – the strategy seems coherent.

Secondly – The biggest source of retail income (page 4) is that bloody access charge, which thankfully is falling. Calling revenue fell by a staggering 10% (is that year on year Telecom, or 2003/4 to 2006/7?), while mobile revenue was up 14% in the same period (whatever that was)

Thirdly – there is a lot hidden in the facile nature of a powerpoint presentation – I think listening to the call may be worth it.

There is a lot here – I’ll dish up more later – this deserves more than a cursory commentary.


Published by Lance Wiggs