Amazon shipping… more thoughts

To close the loop on earlier posts – the last of my 19 packages containing 22 books arrived shortly after the rest. Isn’t that a sight? They all came from the same US address, albeit a different one than the other books. None came from Germany – which has happened often in the past.

amazon boxes arrive

Actually there was one other package – the one containing 3 books. Interestingly enough it contained the 5th “Don’t Make Me Think” book – joining it’s other 4 companions that had been shipped individually.

Driving this change for Amazon are USPS changes in shipping prices, which has also affected sellers (on Amazon) of VHS videos. While Amazon had adjusted the ‘credit’ it gives sellers for shipping, it wasn’t by enough, and a revolt by sellers led Amazon to almost double, from $6.89 to $12.29, the seller’s credit for international shipping fees.

These new USPS rates are really making things interesting for those 7 of us interested in the logistics of international shipping of parcels.

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    Here’s the answer. Get your books printed while you wait!

    The Expresso Book Machine!


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