Well done Trade Me, but the threat remains

There’s an interesting article over at eBay strategies, which talks about how eBay lost the market for classifieds and mentions that Amazon is taking out the top end. (If you work at Trade Me then you should have eBay Strategies in your RSS reader) I’ve mentioned it here before, and it bears repeating: Trade Me […]

eBay’s horror year

It’s not farewell yet, but eBay’s descent in 2008 has been staggeringly complete. I was intending to write about it, but Dinah Balk has done that already. Here it is – 2008 – the year eBay lost its mojo. I’d also call it “How not to run an auction site” or “Compulsory reading if work […]

Trade Me has added at least $3 billion to the NZ economy

A persistent, err, troll over at Bernard Hickey’s blog post on Trade Me and Australia asks an interesting question:  “How is Trade Me a productive NZ asset? The answer requires just a little bit of economics, and it is really quite amazing. First – Trade Me sold for $750m, and the money was paid to […]

Trade Me trounces eBay, and eBay is in real trouble

The evidence mounts against eBay, as they continue to cast away their franchise. It’s really sad to see this happen as they naturally own their space and should be unassailable if they were playing it right. They are not. Over the years the site has increased in complexity and decreased in humanity, until the community […]

eBay is selling lovers

Googling for “lover” I noticed that eBay had taken out an adwords ad: Clicking through (gee – had they started an online dating service?), I found an interesting array of… nothing in particular. So – freshen up those ad-words eBay. You may ask why I was searching for “Lover” – I was trying to get […]

eBay makes fundamental changes – enough?

Massive changes today announced for eBay’s economic model, in response, I take, to the increasing power of Amazon and Google. Listing fees down 25 to 50%, especially for bigger sellers Gallery is free final value fees (commissions) are up – 8.25% under $25, which is up from 5.25% and huge. Most sales are in this […]