Maestro and Triplejump – more work required

Rod Drury points us to start ups Maestro and Triplejump. Good to see these new sites up and running – well done…

But please – go buy the book “Don’t make me think” and apply the learning to your websites:

Let’s start with Maestro:


now – quickly. What are you meant to do? What does the website tell you to do?

All I can see is to click on the “Read the blog now” button, but then I get confused, because surely the site wants me to buy some sort of financial product….

Now let’s look at Triplejump:


Again – what are we meant to do? What should we click?

I’ve looked for a while and I still don’t know.

Neither of these sites is driving me to action, and both are making me think. It seems they have a good product, and a few simple changes (e.g. a big button saying “save on your insurance”) could pay dividends.

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  1. Exactly what I thought. I have no idea about “Personal Insurance” and want the 2 sentence overview in a big font. When I am researching something I make up my mind in about 5 seconds when viewing a website – Does it have what I need or not? If not the close the tab and move on.


  2. I think you’re missing the point… the sites look pretty. Maestro has the upper hand on TripleJump, thanks to more rounded corners for Web 2.0 cred. On the other hand though, TripleJump is strong on the pics and stock shots, and the funky big red type is tag cloud cool.


  3. Thank you very much guys; points noted. We’ll work on making the message clearer in the near future.

    As an aside, it’s very pleasing after only having gone live three days ago that we’re processing our first two completed applications this morning – not from members of my extended family, I promise.



    General Manager


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