The ultimate home setup

An impressive all-mac based home entertainment set up. I want this. Actually I want this is a much smaller form – with a macbook pro, external 500GB drive and projector. That is also a lot cheaper than the $13k he dropped on this system.


Meanwhile I’m struggling with the playing and ripping of DVD’s as Apple Powerbooks use region-locked DVD drives that you cannot game. It’s as if Apple is telling me to rip allo f my DVD’s and carry them around on a hard drive (or two). OK then.

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  1. yes, and it does not work. The Matsushita UJ-857 (amongst other Matsushita UJ-xxx models) has the region software in the firmware, and it has not yet been cracked. VLC cannot bypass the region encoding on these drives.
    There is a French guy that used to crack DVD players, but it seems he is now otherwise employed.


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