Is Perth cool or not?

So everybody who I’ve talked to has raved about Perth, what a great place it is, the wonderful climate, fantastic people and so on. All that seems true.

But why didn’t anybody explain to me that Perth is closed from Saturday at 1230 until Monday morning? That late night shopping or 24 hour supermarkets don’t exist?  That ‘bagel’ means ‘inedible doughy monstrosity?

If just one motorcycle shop had been open today they would have sold me a motorbike. Heck – if a car-yard had been open then I would probably have bought a car instead. But sadly no. So rather than try to run back there on Wednesday night before 7pm (late late shopping night), or cope with the crowds on a Saturday morning, I’ll probably just look online and buy second hand.

Oh and yes – I’ve shifted to Perth for a few months.

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6 replies on “Is Perth cool or not?”

  1. When I visited Perth a few years ago I hated it. I thought the whole city felt like an enormous bachelor pad – in faded colours, bad taste decor and tailored to guys who are happiest watching football and drinking beer. Sounds like it hasn’t progressed much. Good luck!


  2. nah sometimes it seems to comes up with the details of the last person to post – it’s a wordpress bug i think


  3. Could you maybe delete that comment with my email address? I tend to avoid having it linkable off web pages :)
    Oh and many blogs I go to comment on have ben kepes details prefilled – so it must be some wordpress thing!


  4. I get Ben’s prefilled details often when I go to post too. I just assume he’s been there before me. That damn interconnectedness. Makes me want to not comment.


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