The picture above

I’ve had a few folk ask about the picture above. It was taken near Amersfoot, in South Africa. I was on the BMW off road course, run by the amazing Jan de Toit from Country Trax.

The course starts with learning the correct technique for picking these monstrous 1200cc bikes up, includes getting those things airborne, blasting around an oval track and plenty of water, dirt and sand. We had a particulalry stong group, with some guys with years of enduro experience. On the second day we went for a ride about the place, and a few of us tried the canal.

It was strictly volunteers only, and 4 of us stood up. 2 others first, then we had some lunch, and another guy and I decided to give it a go. We followed Jan into the canal and blasted around, jumping out and braking to a halt on some thin grass covering dirt and rocks. After we did it we were told that less than 10 people had ever done so, and that I was the first non South African.

Given that I almost wiped out into the next bend of the canal  my third run, I would not recommend this. Jan figured out the entry and angles and speed (80kmph) when the canal was being built and bereft of water.

canal side by side

Published by Lance Wiggs