Economy class sleeping – emerging reality?

They’ve mentioned this before about this before… and now it looks like AirNZ is going to try it.

Economy class bunks. From 2010.

“One concept showed berths stacked three-high in a herringbone layout along the sides, and another row stacked down the middle of the cabin. 

This is something that will allow tourism to NZ to accelerate beyond belief. I’ve been harping on about this for years. Bring it on.

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2 replies on “Economy class sleeping – emerging reality?”

  1. Me too! This is interesting news. Why has it taken so long for the airlines to realise what railways in Europe and Japanese hotels have known for years – you can fit just as many people, if not more in space if they are in bunks. And they are less trouble.

    If they are asleep, you don’t have to serve them as much, and it’s much more comfortable to travel long distances this way. Does it reduce the probability of getting thrombosis if you’re lying down?

    I recall seeing a cut-away view of those big old flying boats that used to travel between NZ and Australia in the ’30s and ’40s, and I’m sure they had a percentage of space allocated to bunks. ‘Course travel was only for the rich in those days, so maybe space efficiency wasn’t an issue.


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