Throng’s TV listing cloud

Pitched as the world’s first web 2.0 listing service, Throng’s tv-guide uses tag cloud technology to show the interesting stuff – as chosen by Throng fans.

It’s not really useful yet – only showing today’s listings, and while the listings are clickable, they link to site sections (e.g. ‘movies’) only.

The longer term answer is listings out several weeks at least, ability to send recording requests to MySky and oodles of information about each program when you click on the links.

That takes serious money to buy the rights, serious partnering and technology to do the mySky thing and money and people’s time for the last. It’s hard to see much more happening if it is true, as stated in the PR, that it took two years for them to come up with this.

But it is a start.

Published by Lance Wiggs