The Great Christmas Conspiracy

It’s been going on for years. Everyone is involved. Tens of thousands are conned each year, and we are all part of the grand conspiracy.

It starts with the parents, is reinforced by the schools and assisted by department stores, grandparents, uncles, aunts, the media, the post office and even  random strangers on the streets.

I refer of course to Santa Claus.

Do you remember the epiphany? The moment that you realised that Santa was a fraud? When you figured out that the physics of inter-continental travel on a sleigh, the required mass of presents and available time just didn’t make sense? Let alone the  impossibility of fitting a  rotund Santa down the chimney, assuming you even had one.

It’s more the sense that everyone was conspiring against you that was disappointing.

The Western world holds small children to a myth through lies and deceit. It’s no wonder that they get their own back by pretending to believe, for years and years, after Santa Clausian faith has deserted their formerly longer innocent minds.

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Lance,

    Like your blog over the last few months. Just one problem with the recent change to you RSS feed. Now whenever you do a new post all the last 8 entries or so in your feed get reset and appear to have changed.

    Happy new year.


  2. Lance Wiggs says:

    Thanks Simon
    I switched to Feedburner a ittle while back – which seems more complicated than the WordPress RSS feed. I just had a look at it just now and can’t figure out why the issue, so I’ll revisit in the New Year.
    Happy New Year


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  4. I don’t really recall there being a bad moment when I found out santa wasn’t true. I don’t actually remember finding out – I am wondering if my perception of santa just changed. My family is hugely into christmas, we have hardly any extended family so it’s normally five of us, 6 at a push, most presents are from santa, we all get stocking from santa, even if they are delivered by various different people.

    Maybe the lies aren’t that bad or even lies, maybe the lesson is something about giving without necessarily getting credit for it, or believing in magic or something equally as sentimental, maybe it helps us believe there are plain old good people out there. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many sad santa stories before this year, but I just can’t add to them, I think that lie is now worse than any lie we tell ourselves as adults or children tell themselves about the world to make it seem like a better place (or to make it a better place).

    Ha ha or maybe I’m just still pretending to believe and milking the parents ;)


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