WordPress is dominant

Thinking of starting a blog? WordPress gives yet another reason to blog with them – 3 Gb of storage. This is up from a paltry 50MB, which essentially meant that you had to use photo servers from another site, such as flickr.

WordPress is simple to set up, trivially easy to use, and free. You can use your own domain name for a small fee, and  if you get huge, then WordPress.org provide the same software for your own server. About the only things missing right now are revenue for bigger bloggers from WordPress.com, and decent statistics.

While those stats are being worked on, there is no word about ad revenue.

One model could be to allow bloggers to select whether or not google-like ads appear on their blog, and then revenue share the resulting stream of income. Giving a choice would stop bloggers complaining, while sharing the revenue would encourage the spread of ads.

I’d love to buy Automattic, the company behind wordpress – anyone want in?

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One reply on “WordPress is dominant”

  1. Count me in – wordpress is not just a blog platform, but the most efficient and to be honest the only solution you need to have a web presence. In an industry like real estate where everyone wants to be a somebody – it will be ubiquitous in a year or so – 1.5m realtors in the US / 18,000 here in NZ / 100,000 in Australia.

    In terms of stats – shortstats is not bad – gives the basics.


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