Juran, founder-father of Lean, six sigma, TPM, pareto analysis dies

Joseph Juran, author of the immense textbook “Quality Control Handbook” (or Quality Management Handbook) has died, after an excellent innings of 103. Juran bough QA to the Japanese, and they loved it – the Toyota Production System, Six Sigma, Lean and so forth can all be traced to his work.

He also tried to introduce the concepts into the USA – but they didn’t take, leading to the Japanese invasion of the 70’s and 80’s. It wasn’t until Six Sigma and Lean distilled his thousand of pages into powerpoint that it all really began to take hold.

But still, as the original management guru Peter Drucker said:

“Whatever advances American manufacturing has made in the last 30 to 40 years, we owe to Joe Juran and to his untiring, steady, patient, self-effacing work.”

At Massey the QMH was our text for the “Quality Management” course. Though I did that a significant and classified number of years ago, the latest six sigma and lean work that I see in industry has not really pushed the thinking, just the usability.

Juran was married for an amazing 81 years.

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