Mac vs PC – on your browser

Stunning use of the ad-space on hte NYTimes home page. The ad ran for a day only.

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6 Responses to Mac vs PC – on your browser

  1. Sophie says:

    After a life time of PCs it’s finally happening. I’m going over to Mac… it was either that or get a laptop with Vista.


  2. Lance Wiggs says:

    welcome to the side of the light Sophie.. .


  3. drgeoff says:

    People are slow to learn, they cling onto the hope that things (PC’s in this case), will improve. I dumped my PC’s, three of them, into the garbage can (trash for those other English speaking people) years ago. They were quicker to see through George W. but only just! :-)


  4. mberliner says:

    hah i mean macs have their advantages in multimedia such as video editing and pictures. They are still not a viable solution in businesses. For instance, Mac’s don’t have any capability to run my engineering programs, unless of course you put vista on your Mac, in which case it will run extremely slow because it has to translate the code. Mac’s looks nice and work nicely for users that dont have comlpex programs. I disagree with this Ad and all Mac ads because they rely on pushing PC’s reputation down, to bring their up, rather than letting the facts speak for themselves. The ironic part of the Ad is that they are talking about positive and negative attitudes, while the Ad itself is a negative one.


  5. Noah says:

    mberliner- You have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, if Vista runs slow on a Mac, it’s because Vista is slow. The only way to run Vista is if you have an Intel processor. So, there is no translating. Please learn something about computers.

    The businesses don’t run Vista, they run XP.

    Unix is faster and way less bloated. It can run way more complex programs.

    (Typed on a 24″ iMac.)

    And, don’t try to bring up the “Macs are more expensive.”

    They proved that false forever ago.


  6. Max Weir says:

    I’ve the New Zealand “mac guide” magazine at to be frank they really bad pc’s and pc users all over the place. It felt quite hostile reading through this magazine and all the editions I read continued with this trend. I feel this magazines artciles are not sending the right messages and they really dont need all that hoopla to justify the reasons for owning a mac.
    I’m a PC user myself and to be honset i dont feel the need to own or switch to a mac, theres nothing different that mac’s can do and all these mac vs pc ads the mac guy doesnt mention a single thing that will benefit using a mac.
    One major point for me for not owning a mac is the fact that macs dont do games. the gaming industry is huge and for macs not to be into that is a big mistake. if they ever got into gaming then there could be some huge shifts in the computer industry.


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