Elijah: 11 years blogging in Europe

11 years old that is – Elijah was blogging about his family’s trip around Europe. My favorite post was from Berlin:

My Parents dragged me out to the country side to the 1936 Olympic Village, where they made me walk around the ruins in the hot and dry sun….

Although Elijah clearly saw this as a bit of a chore – it’s fascinating to see Europe from his perspective. It’s not about the walled city at Carcassonne – it’s about the frog:

Did nothing, it rained.

After tea Dad took me for a walk/run to have a look at the walled City. We went down a dark path between the trees and a stream. There was a frog that came right up to me and nearly jumped on my foot. The walls of the castle were lit and and were pretty cool at night. We saw a plastic bag hanging off the wall that I thought was a bat

The frog and the plastic bag make it real – well written Elijah.

More photos would be good though – e.g. google Carcassonne and you’d get this, and from there these pictures look pretty cool:



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