Tired up

IMG_0020, originally uploaded by y_kiwi.

picked up two tires today – a Karroo (like the one with a screw in it, but still a very capable tire) and the Dunlop D908 Rally Raid – that’s top left.

The D908’s were made for pretty much exactly what I’ll be doing – allbeit at much faster speeds and with a little less mass on board. It is Dunlop’s version of the Michelin Desert, and seeing as Michelin is so lame as to have none of their tires in stock, well, Dunlop has a new committed customer.
Thanks to the Five Star Yamaha, local Yamaha dealer – the service dept. is run by an ex BMW guy who understood exactly what I was doing, and even gave me the handy hint on how to safely carry two tires without wearing them.

Published by Lance Wiggs