Excellent Samsung viral campaign

I was surprised to hear about my togs stealing exploits – but kudos to Samsung and their agencies for an excellent campaign.I received a link to a fake NZ news site….

Cleverly my details are inserted into the video, along with the name or the perpetrator that dobbed me in.

It all links back to a Samsung/Olympics site – with some sort of competition.

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3 replies on “Excellent Samsung viral campaign”

  1. And whats the point? I mean they sure went to great lengths to take the piss out of you, but an excellent viral campaign? An excellent (and expensive) pisstake perhaps…


  2. nope – I do agree.
    It could be a campaign for any product at all – another great idea from an agency that really doesn’t necessarily add a lot to the brand. Still – it takes a lot for me to look at an ad – so it worked at least a little.


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