Computer Table Fail

Typing away merrily, and my foot nudged a leg of the rather ponderous dining room table that I use(d) for a computer desk here in Fremantle.
table fail
It was like a motorcycle crash in slow motion. The legs crumbled away in turn, 30 inch monitor sliding towards the edge and everything moving at once. Coffee cup was empty luckily.
Turns out the legs themselves were joined with one giant wood screw, one could have been loose given the wear pattern and the wood was very brittle. Moreover the center pedestal design has limitations – the table top is heavy and this really should have been supported by 4 legs. (I really should have cleaned that empty box from behind the table. The globe is one of three that lies around.)
brittle wood, big screw
Luckily no other damage, and I’m now computing on the kitchen table – which has four steel legs and a steel undercarriage.

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