Ye Olde Search Engines

For those with long internet memories – here’s what those old search engines looked like back in the day.

Here’s a taste – Google in 1998. It’s amazing how even then they didn’t quite get to the completely barren screen.

And Yahoo! back when the 96 elections where it. I recall watching the election (Clinton won remember) on video over the internet, chatting in a chat room and watching streaming results come in from electorates. It was fantastic – until it all froze the moment after it was clear Clinton had won.

Check out the small advertisement, the links to categories rather than news and the Moose in the logo – they were doing the topical logo stuff well before Google existed.

Yahoo Olde
Yahoo Olde

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2 replies on “Ye Olde Search Engines”

  1. cool – makes me remember when I thought AltaVista was it- when they had a flasher logo and was an eon before i checked out google – and never went back…


  2. Your post brought up some thoughts for me to share.

    I’ve been online with my first website in 1994 and I remember how these looked! I thought Netscape was the browser to use, and Northern Lights was an up and rising search engine.

    This was way before Yahoo started charging for a listing, too. When they started that, I lost favor with them very quickly and switched to Google as my default.

    I’ve not gone back since!

    Katheryn L. Wilson
    “Coach Kat”
    Elite Internet Success Coach


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