Kiwiblog is absolutely unreadable!

Picture 990, originally uploaded by y_kiwi.

This is what I saw when opening Kiwiblog just now….

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2 Responses to Kiwiblog is absolutely unreadable!

  1. Karol says:

    how often do you need to read about winston peters?


  2. tylersdad says:

    yes, what happened was Young Labour tried to listen in to the real world and find out some more of Nationals hidden agendas (such as changing the anti-smacking bill to allow members of the public to throw wet fish at Labour party members) and then using one of their soviet era spy devices to transmit back to Helengrad – resulting in the binary code outputs corrupting Davids blog which was written in COBAL.
    simple really.
    they should really go back to meeting at park benches and swapping briefcases.


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