iinet – If this is the best the rest are cr-appalling

I’m moving my stuff and internet around the block here in Fremantle, and so of course I’ll make sure the internet service is provided by iinet – who have been excellent an seem to get it and even read my blog.

Well – not so fast -they have some work to do. More to the point this entire industry has some work to do.

1: It takes 20 to 30 working days to start a new service. I’m guessing this is due to a combination of Telstra giving access to switches and iinet’s lack of people to do the work. Wild guesses. But it takes my company a week to find (well I did that) and sign a new lease, so they really are not running at the necessary pace.

2: It will cost money to move the serivce – $150 (or $79.95 if you sign for a 24 month contract). This is going from a phone+DSL to Naked DSL. If I kept thge same {Phone+DSL) service then it would be $59 for the phone plus $99 for broadband, or $158. It appears that the way they deal with the exchane for naked DSL is quite different from the phone plus plans – and I am guessing the noney flow is quite different as well.

3: Even if I stayed where I am and changed the current account from phone+DSL to Naked DSL it would still cost $150. Yes – at the same location. The monthly rates are such that it makes sense after 5 months or so – if you are like me and do not connect the landline (I have enough numbers).

4: You lose your old iinet email address when you do a transfer – not at all a big deal as I never use an ISP enail address. But still – a pain for some I am sure.

All in, you can’t move from phone to naked DSL account without a technician making changes at the exchange, and you can’t set up a new place that does not have an active phone without a visit from a technician. This just seems so archaic in this day and age. The electricity companies knows the house and meter numbers (at least they sometimes do), so why can’t the telcos know the same?

Published by Lance Wiggs