Portfolio judgement month hits hard

It’s been a rough ride for everyone on the equity markets. I really have not followed my own advice and got out of my short positions far too early and went hard into Apple long options. I’m too scared to look at the money I left on the table by existing the Fannae Mae short options I bought and sold too early, but I am guessing that it would mean an overall portfolio return of 2-300% for the year.

While I did manage to sell out about 25% of my portfolio at the top, and I am slightly ahead of the market as at end of day Friday, the news overall is grim.

My portfolio is down 36.6%, while the S&P500 benchmark is down 38.72% for the year. A Phyrric victory.


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  1. I summoned up the courage to look at my portfolio last night for the first time in months. It says a great deal about the current worldwide economic situation that I was “relieved” that I was “only” down 14% since July.


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