Buffet’s biography Snowball

Warren Buffet’s recently released authorised biography Snowball is excellent.

It is a larger book, but is extremely well written, and easy to read and a great book for these troubling economic times.

You just know he is out in the market right now looking for bargains, which is why my latest strategy with my US stocks (when not shorting Citibank) has been to build my Berkshire Hathaway portfolio. Someday I’d like to own a real share or 20, but for now I am sticking with the ones that cost $3000.

For Kiwis here’s the Fishpond page for Snowball, priced to sell at a breezy $87.

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2 Responses to Buffet’s biography Snowball

  1. Julie Starr says:

    Thanks for that. Been eyeing it for a few weeks but keep putting off buying it. Might jump in now.


  2. sm3rt says:

    Interesting inferences on fishpond, it tells me that people who purchased this book also brought “Heal your Hips..” and “Heal your Knees..”


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