Internet now ahead of newspapers for US news

From Pew Research comes the unsurprising, err, news, that the internet is preferred over newspapers as a US source of national and international news.

It’s amazing to me how high TV is on that question – especially after the appalling US network and cable news reporting over the last 10 years. I’ve essentially switched TV news off for over 10 years. Ok – over 20 years.

Indeed right now, for under 30’s, 59% say they get most of their news online, and only 59% say they use TV as a news source at all.
Look at the internet jump from 2007 to 2008 – amazing, but look at the TV slide. I wonder how much of that was due to the US election, and the appalling network coverage versus the internet, radio and newspapers.

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2 replies on “Internet now ahead of newspapers for US news”

  1. Perhaps that makes the growth of cable news network MSNBC all the more impressive? Unlike other cable news networks their research appears fast and furious and noteworthy for its ultimate reliability in both substance and minutia, and tone.


  2. TV still does “streaming” or real-time media better than the Internet – and cheaper and more conveniently too – so it’s no surprise that it’s so high in Pew’s survey.

    That’s not going to change for a few more years due to technological constraints, and when it does, I believe broadcast television, especially the likes of BBC, will be in a very strong position. They’ll have the expertise and experience to supply material of high quality that’s authoritative yet timely, and have the advantage of two popular outlets: broadcast TV and the Internet.


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