How to write a promo email – Apple sets the standard

It’s a great product – but I really don’t think my Mother will use an iPod touch, and I really don’t think Mothers day in an economic downturn is the time for Kiwis to give expensive presents.

However  the email is so nice that you just want to click:

Apple just gets these promotion emails exactly right – you can tell there is considerable design and language effort that goes into them. Let’s have a look at a few from the last year or two. I challenge you not to go to the
Apple store and  peruse some of the goodies on display.

While you are looking – think about your own personal and business emails. Are they up to standard? Are they reflecting what you want your company to reflect?

Trade Me can hold their head high (e.g. Mod’s Motors is beautifully written and produced) but not many others come close to this. Why not give it a go?

So Pink

Apple email

Christmas is red and white

Apple email

Boys valentines

Apple email

Christmas season begins

Apple email

Cheap offerings for Kiwis
Apple email


Apple email

New books

This had some localization issues – a version went to NZ where Treasures are a nappies/diapers brand.

Apple email


This one worked on me

Apple email

Mac Pr0n

Apple email

Edu.mac.ate me

Even newsletters are done well. Thus is a sales brochure really

Apple email

Uber cool

Apple email

Nerd mail

Even iPhone dev emails are beautiful. This was from a year ago.

Apple email

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  1. The thing about MOD’s Motors is that it speaks in a real voice, not in PR speak. And it has a bit of mongrel in it. (I bet Peugeot and Ford aren’t that keen on it) I’m not really into cars, but enjoy MOD’s each month. Around work we were surprised that Fairfax let it continue.

    Winding Road at Ebay by comparison just feels like Sales Spiel.


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