Lingopal is big in Japan

Lingopal translates between 42 languages – and can be operated in any of those languages as well. That means it is of use to people shopping on all of the Apple iTunes stores.

So it was always going to be interesting which countries picked us up first. Would backpackers from Australia and UK find us more useful, or would we be big in the USA?

Turns out we are biggest in Japan. We have done no marketing there – it is all organic growth as our google ad writing and PR ability is not so good in Japanese.

To see how different this is versus the normal distribution of sales by country, here are out sales compared to Flight Control sales figures:

I guess it isn’t surprising that we are not big in the USA, as the average person travels there a bit less, and it really is early days for every country. I’d expect us to be bigger in the UK and Germany though – but this is just a matter of when.

At least the Japan numbers are telling us that Lingopal is useful and that when it gets popular it stays popular.

You can skew these numbers if you like – go ahead and buy Lingopal on iTunes!

Published by Lance Wiggs