BMW’s new bike – the S1000RR

BMW has just released the street version of their Supersport bike. This is an important event in the decade long takeover of the marque by horsepower crazy hoons.

Those hoons still believe in ABS and traction control – this bike has 4 settings that adjust the engine, ABS and traction control for Rain, Sport, Race and (even) Slick. I like how there is no ‘cruise’ setting.

As with all Superbikes, relentless efforts go into reducing weight. Look at the tiny reservoir for the rear brake fluid:

The chain goes through the swingarm:

While the integrated rear lights both look elegant and don’t interrupt the airflow.

The bike joins its dirtier cousin – the G450X – in allowing BMW to compete at the very top in motorcycle sport. It will take a while for them to start winning regularly, and then to dominate, but this is a great start.

You can’t just design a series of great bikes and start producing, expecting them to sell and to be reliable. It is even tougher if you are starting from the position that BMW did back in the early 1990s.

The successful transformation of the Motorad group is one of the great stories of the motorcycle community – but sadly an untold story, one I would like to read. It seems that BMW decided that they want their bikes to be as good versus their peers as their cars are versus theirs. Full credit to them for this transformation.

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