Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business

Spend like you spend, not like a corporate

  1. Stop buying refundable air fares – get the cheapest ones for 1/4 the price and throw them away when unused. It ends up being much cheaper
  2. Set your printers to print default black and white, double sided.
  3. Open up the internet – get rid of the expensive censorship tools that slow everything down and annoy everybody, and replace it with a policy that says “don’t be stupid”. Manage the person not the pipe.

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  1. Here’s another tip for those that have printers that can print double-sided. Check to see if it has a duplex setting called “Booklet” – this will print your documents in an A5-sized booklet but on standard A4 paper. It’s perfect for larger documents, and prints four pages per sheet which doubles your paper saving.


  2. Nice idea stuartm but those of us over the age of 40 tend to have eye defects which makes small writing hard to read.


  3. I totally agree with opening up the Internet. All those censorship tools do is cost money and require the administration of the wizards on a regular basis.

    I’m all for a “don’t be stupid” policy. A lot easier to administer. Its a shame that so many Internet plans in NZ have download caps on them. It makes business owners believe that the resource is precious and need [active] management.


  4. Agree with all three points, but it may pay to avoid a certain airline currently operating in New Zealand which seems to think opaque fare structures with fine-like extra costs and leaving passengers behind is good business practice.


  5. Bill
    I agree – and generally use AirNZ. There is no way in heck I will use Jetstar given their modus operendi. It is good that Pacific Blue has taken the space that Qantas used to have and they at least keep AirNZ honest.

    Stuartm – I’m a fan of booklet, and of printing out multiple powerpoint slides per page – if they are good presentations then 16 works. My eye defects are for far distances – so far.


  6. I’m so with you on the “open up the Internet” idea.

    As a contractor I am often working in places with some crazy Internet policies that do more harm than good. Like banning Trademe access and then the accounts people can no longer police whether resellers are flouting their terms by flogging stuff on Trademe; or banning twitter/facebook access and therefore preventing the marketing dept from participating in the biggest revolution in customer engagement since the phone!



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