Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business

Drinks are on the house, but only when in the house

  1. Buy staff beer and wine for Friday afternoons – but don’t put credit cards down at bars
  2. Cash in staff carparks – give them 50% share of the savings and encourage them to walk, use public transport, cycle or motorcycle
  3. Get everyone using IM – be it MSN, Skype or whatever. It’s far quicker than other methods and the new generation can’t functon without it. Oh – and it is free.

Published by Lance Wiggs


One reply on “Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business”

  1. IM is as free as your web connection and since Internet connections here tend to be metered by the byte there is a cost to using it.

    Personally, I like IM. It is quick and responsive for most needs and the file sharing that most clients provide is good enough for most things. And if Skype is your favoured IM client you get VOIP for free (well, as free as data gets here in NZ).


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