Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business

Do it yourself

  1. Do your own book-keeping and GST returns.
  2. Print your own business cards – you own the design, not the design firm
  3. Audit your software, and stop paying licenses for anything unused

Published by Lance Wiggs


3 replies on “Tuesday Three: 3 ways to improve your business”

  1. Good points.

    FWIW We do our own book-keeping, and GST returns. It is a reasonable burden in terms of time and managing growth in the business, but I don’t know a better way to stay directly connected to the numbers going in and out. Actually doing it is (for us) much more direct than viewing reports from someone else. You get a much better ‘spidey sense’ for when things are going wrong (or right, whatever that sense is).

    These Tuesday 3s are some of my fave posts here. Nice work.


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