Stop the spam Sky

Dear Sky Sports

Please famililarise yourselves with New Zealand’s Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. There is also a handy guide for businesses.


  • include a way for me to unsubscribe from your puerile badly photoshopped spam.
  • include the name and address of the sender – who is the sending entity?
  • get my express consent to receive your spam
  • tell me where you got my email address from

many thanks


P.S. Please stop with the Tiger nonsense.

<Update. Sky Sports called me and apologised. Thanks.

They didn’t, it seems, realise that they needed the unsubscribe option. They are now putting in on to all future mail-outs. So that’s a good result -well done for responding so fast Sky Sports.

Apparently I would have received emails from Sky Sports before, and in the terms and conditions is embedding the “we can send you spam” clause. That’s not something I know anything about – I certainly do not recall opting in to this sort of spam.

Also looking back at my Sky emails received I see one email from “Sky Marketing” – a survey in June this year and one from Sky Television – a promo back in April, and that’s it. Both had unsubscribe options – and both were sent by other companies on behalf of Sky. Here, for reference, is how the bottom of any spam email should look – from the April newsletter. I’m guessing I hit the unsubscribe button, but I cannot honestly recall whether I did or not>

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3 replies on “Stop the spam Sky”

  1. idiots, that’s one for the ‘should know better’ file. It is good to see more local email providers seem to be pretty good at keeping their clients on the straight and narrow, sky don’t tend to make any effort in not pushing the boundaries though….door knocking and telemarketing isn’t too far from over aggressive emailing…


  2. It’s shocking that Sky “didn’t […] realise that they needed the unsubscribe option”, given that I’ve complained to them and the DIA previously regarding a very similar issue (no unsubscribe option on program notifications).

    Just lazy.


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