Want to write? Get a $1345 Webstock package

AllAboutTheStory.com is offering a full journalism scholarship to the biggest and best web event in New Zealand – Webstock. Webstock’s cool – and has a host of awesome and famous foreign and local speakers. In their own words: Webstock 2011 will be the mostest bestest scientifically proven amazingest conference ever. In the history of the […]

The need for sub editing still remains

An article on Stuff with an AAP byline (but not writer’s name) reveals a little about the state of news reporting today. The original article was published in Fairfax’s Melbourne newspaper The Age yesterday – and has an author (Nicole Low). That brings us to the first finding: Big media companies share content amongst their […]

Stop the spam Sky

Dear Sky Sports Please famililarise yourselves with New Zealand’s Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007. There is also a handy guide for businesses. Then include a way for me to unsubscribe from your puerile badly photoshopped spam. include the name and address of the sender – who is the sending entity? get my express consent to […]

Increasing interconnectiveness of the mediasphere

WordPress.com has just added another link to the increasingly interconnected mediasphere. They’ve added the ability to login, read and post to WordPress blogs using the Twitter API. What that specifically means is that we can now post blog entries using apps like Tweetie 2.0 for the iPhone, which I am doing for this. * However […]

Google’s Schmidt responds to Murdoch – and well

Google’s Eric Schmidt has written an op editorial in the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal. The best paragraph is where Eric gently explains to Murdoch, in his own newspaper, exactly how Google is helping and not hindering the news industry. Microsoft, for all its offers to pay for exclusive rights to New Limited’s content, knows […]

Murdoch, Microsoft and mad men

While I sit near the TV refusing to watch myself on Media7 (I’m sure co-panelist Julie Starr was excellent), here are some notes that I wrote in preparation for the recording of the show last night. The wider topic of how news media will make money and survive online and offline is wide and deep […]

What were you thinking NZHerald?

In last night’s post on NBR I made the flip comment that Stuff and NZHerald will continue to fight it out neck sand neck unless one of them does something stupid. Well today NZHerald decided that they didn’t real want people reading their news – but instead showed a large interstitial of an incomprehensible Coca […]

NBR’s performance since the subscription wall was built

Back in mid July the NBR decided to put a chunk of their content behind a subscription wall. I was one of many amateur untrained unqualified bloggers that not only objected to being characterised as such, but was pretty scathing about the decision to lock away the content. NBR in turn referred I guessed to […]

NZHerald’s shopping tab – it’s complicated

NZ Herald launched their new shopping tab yesterday, and as I dug into it the cast of players got larger and larger. It got so complicated that I decided that making a video would be the most efficient way to explain it all. After the experience all I can say is that Bernard Hickey is […]

Has Infratil become a dodgy investment?

No – I’m sure Infratil have not changed their excellent approach to infrastructure investing, but their advertising strategy sure makes you think. I’ve been seeing their advertisements in Facebook. They may be cheap ads, but we cannot help judging them by the company they keep. No – not the friends whose pages that I see […]